Capricious City and Continual Inconsistency

Ever since our inaugural season as Melbourne Heart, we have shown glimpses of having what it takes to be champions of the league. Many times, however, we fall short in a lacklustre or tiresome performance – often giving up dodgy leads. Although, change is happening in the league. Mariners are on top, Victory seem to be lacking ‘it’ (about time) and the two new kids on the block are making a nuisance of themselves. But with two red cards and a loss away at Adelaide in the opening three games, maybe things aren’t so different after all.

Arguably, our best season was the 19/20 season. Surely we can build on that? Unfortunately, we lost the match-winning Mombaerts, who took us to our first ever Grand Final in our 10th season. While that was a bit of a blow, we have been left in more than capable hands – Paddy Kisnorbo! Has arms as attractive as his resume, of course captaining us as a player and taking our Women’s team to the 2018 championship. Pretty impressive, and it even seems like he prioritises youth, which is becoming an increasingly important strategy in Australian football.

One strategy that will be important in Asia too. With our preliminary AFC Champions League play-off coming up against Burmese club Shan United on April 7th, in the midst of the A-League season, youngsters must prevail as there will most certainly be players rested and injured. This being said, if all of our visa players are first-team players by then, we will in fact have to drop one due to the 3+1 rule. In case you’ve been living in a rock (like our club has in Asia), this only allows three foreign players ‘plus’ an Asian player to promote competitiveness and domestic development.

With an increasing focus on performances and actually winning titles, we can turn ourselves into a real powerhouse of the league – especially if this transfer system ever arrives, we all know how much the City Football Group loves their money. An advantage which may come to prosper, as more dosh flowing around means a greater focus on player development. I’m not mad at that.

Am I hoping for too much? Yes. But our ambitions must be higher if we are going to strive for greatness. Hopefully, on Sunday night against Perth, we’ll see a bit more conviction in our play-style and show the league what we can really do.

Published by COCAFO

My name is Regan Connor - an avid Melbourne City fan with the ambition for a better Australian football landscape for tomorrow.

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