‘No more excuses’ – What is happening with our City?

Lately, we have seen City establish a new narrative, but not one that we want. We are not the ‘hunter come hunted’, we are not the ‘benchmark of the A-League’. We are more-so a defensively poor shadow of our former selves. Somehow, we might have the most important attacking line-up, one of the best young Australian midfields in O’Neill and Metcalfe, and even a strong defensive unit with the three G’s; Good, Griffiths, Galloway.

Then why are we so weak?

In a fashion you would relate back to ‘the Heart days’, we gave up two goals in the opening 8 minutes. A scoring frequency you would find across town in the AFL, not here. Not against the defending champions. An abundance of errors this season have crucified our goal difference, be it our defenders not pressing where they should, or a simple ball over the top not being picked up.

You could put it down to be a simple lapse in concentration, but not when it happens every game. Let’s put away the defensive woes for a moment and focus on our general play, which has simply been too slow for our game-plan. If we are to utilise rotating roles, inverted fullbacks and an all-scoring squad, what is the good in a dawdling Mathew Leckie? Or a soft pass back and forth after three or four touches? The fact we had so many chances against the Wanderers says more about them than it does us. There are other teams who would have severely punished us. If it wasn’t for Tommy Glover and a shocking handball call, we would have been embarrassed.

However, a wonder-sub by Kisnorbo ensures that Marco Tilio gets his bout and an absolute expert strike not long after. While this goal surely was wonderful and does outline the promise that our club holds, it is not enough, purely summed up by a goal – which was surely offside – by the Wanderers to make it 3-3.

We have been rattled by a COVID-19 outbreak and a stop-start season, but it is time to become the reigning champions our fans rightfully expect. No more excuses. All clubs have suffered to squad issues due to the pandemic, all clubs have had their season stop and start abruptly. While we may not be able to play to the speed of our double winning season due to fitness issues, we can surely do better.

A shoot out in midweek, a shoot out on the weekend. We didn’t win either.

PK has some decisions to make.

Published by COCAFO

My name is Regan Connor - an avid Melbourne City fan with the ambition for a better Australian football landscape for tomorrow.

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