The APL has ruined the Grand Final

What is the point in anything? Any time our game makes significant strides, there is always something to pull us back down to the bottom of the barrel.

Danny Townsend has shown today that the fans mean absolutely nothing; there is no coming back from this. There was a purposeful decision made to intentionally cut out players, club owners, and most significantly the fans from taking any part in the final call of this horrific decision.

I can speak from personal experience, as can many other fans of their respectful clubs. Adelaide fans. Brisbane fans. Perth fans. How good was it to host a Grand Final in your home state, all down to the fact that your club absolutely bossed it that year? There is no other feeling. For me, when our captain Scott Jamieson took his penalty against Sydney FC to put us in the lead back in 2021 in front of a packed home City Terrace…

…there is nothing else like it.

Scott Jamieson puts his side ahead in a home Grand Final – Source: Getty

It disappoints me greatly that there is now a chance that the next generation of Australian Football fans will not get to experience that immense sense of pride and joy on behalf of the club they love. Because let’s be real, if this goes ahead, it will not only be for 3 years. Instead, the Grand Final will become a soulless ‘event’ for corporate types who are really only there to see Tones and I perform in the ‘pre-show entertainment’. Spare me.

It really has come to this, and if the decision stands I feel that the APL will feel the full force of repercussions from the A-League diehards.

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My name is Regan Connor - an avid Melbourne City fan with the ambition for a better Australian football landscape for tomorrow.

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